AboutOur Services

QualityThe Expertise comes from the experience

ExtremeSports Camera Hire is a division of Camera Support Services Ltd. which for some fifteen years now has provided its clients with a bespoke range of specialist equipment hire and production services, and have been tasked with many technically challenging, interesting and unusual projects.

From design and planning through to technical installation and operation of equipment, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from an extensive back catalogue of work, -it is without doubt the collative experience and professionalism working hand in hand that makes us strong.

The further expansion of our equipment hire service into ExtremeSports Camera Hire.co.uk has meant that we are now able to offer a dedicated range of specialist equipment in dedicated towards the extreme sports environment.

We stock the very latest equipment from world leading manufacturers such as Sony, GoPro and Panasonic, and can supply hire of equipment to cater for just about any sporting application, - whether it's a family ski-ing trip or extreme skydiving we can supply the right camera package with everything you need for capturing the moment. 

TechnicalProduct Support and Backup

One of the key strongpoints of our hire business is our large inventory of equipment, stocking large numbers of each camera option and providing backup and support when required enables us to easily supply the more demanding of projects requiring multiple camera setups.

Support is key for us too and we have great support from our suppliers, one of the best examples is the Hero HD-2 range of cameras from the world famous GoPro stable, we have a unique close working partnership with the UK's largest distributer and as a result cary a complete range of equipment accessories and spares for these systems, - Motor-sports, Surf, Outdoor, and 3D editions - we carry them all, together with pretty much every option available.

Shooting KitsFlight Cased and ready to go

We decided to go one better and put all the components you are likely to need in pursuit of recording your sporting activity together and taylor make “Shooting kit” options, - they include a selection of mounts plenty of battery and even the recording media, all flight-cased up for you to take away a complete turnkey operation.

Our equipment is suitable for and has been utilised in many extreme sports applications – aviation aerobatics, paragliding, microlights, gliding, skydiving, motor sports, BMX, rally-car, kite surfing, stunt driving, helicopters,  -you name it, we'll find you a camera that will do the job, remember – if your sport is extreme make sure you've got it covered.

Having the right type of mount is really important in any video project and our shooting kits have been designed to give you a selection of mounts best suited to each area of use, however for that more unusual of requirements you can bet we will have something on the shelf that will do the trick.

NEWVideo Showcase

“Coming soon”  -a new feature of our web site will be a video showcase area, - where you will be able to see examples of video footage and images from different camera types in action from different sporting applications, - which we hope will help you to make the right choice when choosing which camera to hire.