Mini DVR HD cameras for hire
HD Roll Bar Mount
£10 per day.
Mini DVR HD cameras for hire
Suction Clamp Mount
£10 per day.
Mini DVR HD cameras for hire
Headset Mount.
£10 per day.

MiniDVR HD Shooting Kit

Mini DVR HD cameras for hire
The Mini DVR-HD is a small lightweight complete system with LCD screen, built in mic.

Excellent image quality from this tiny camera, all in one system great for Ski-ing Skate boarding BMX etc one touch record, easy to rig and use.

£49.95 per day

Mini DVR HDKit Contents

  • • 1 x HQ15 Imaging Camera Head (with 1.5m camera cable)
  • • 1 x Lightweight Camera control Unit with belt holder
  • • 2 x Lithium Iron Battery
  • • 2 x 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Media Cards
  • • 1 x Headstrap
  • • 1 x Helmet strap mount (curved)
  • • 1 x Windscreen/Dash mount
  • • 1 x Flat surface mount
  • • 1 x Velco mount
  • • 1 x Bar mount
  • • 1 x USB cable
  • • 1 x Mains charger
  • • 1 x Flight Case

Mini DVR HDFeatures

  • • Fast and easy set up
  • • Live view on screen before/during recording
  • • Auto corrupt file recovery mode
  • • Small size camera Head with thin camera cable
  • • Great for body worn applications
  • • HDMI 1080p video output
  • • Car Mode Auto Record function
  • • H.264 video files for excellent compatibility
  • • LANC Remote start/stop on/off
  • • Waterproof bullet camera design
  • • Camera mounts included
  • • The camera part is fully waterproof and the recorder part is rugged and splash proof.
  • • The camera comes with a 1.5m cable and uses a locking MiniHDMI Connector.
  • • As soon as you turn the system on you will see a preview from the camera showing on the screen. This allows you to position the camera perfectly before you start filming. You can also use the screen to view back the videos you have recorded and for viewing photos you have taken with the system.
  • • The camera part is supplied with a range of mounts for car windscreens, handlebars and helmets. Because the camera and the recorder parts are separate, it makes the camera one of the smallest 1080p HD imagers in the world. Making it great for body worn applications such as ski-ing etc.
  • • The video files made by the MiniDVR HD are standard HD video files using h.264 encoding.
  • • The battery will power the Mini DVR HD system for at least 3 hours record time
  • • They are compatible with just about any video editing software on the market and anyone using this system for professional use will be happy to hear it can do 25, 30, 50 and 60fps at 720p and 25 or 30fps in 1080p.

Mini DVR HDSpecification

  • • LCD 2.0
  • • 1080p, 720p 13mb/s
  • • Photo Res 2592 x 1944
  • • SDHC Support up to 32gb Card
  • • MIC internal and external input
  • • Battery 3.7v 1800mAh
  • • High speed USB 2.0 connection
  • • 13 mb/s Bit rate h.264
  • • Lens Angle 135 degrees