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Suction Clamp Mount
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NFlightcam+Shooting Kit

>NFLIGHTCAM+ cameras for hire
The NFlightcam Plus HD cameras are perfect for sharing your passion for flight with others. The camera is compact and totally portable, so you can take it on every flight.

Packed with the highest technology the Nflightcam is aimed specifically at aviation world. The camera not only captures the action, but also the full story with depth, focus and clarity a great teaching aid.

£49.95 per day

NFlightcam+Kit Contents

  • • 1 x Nflightcam+ Camera
  • • 1 x Aviator Lens
  • • 1 x Aircraft Comms cable
  • • 2 x Rechargable batteries
  • • 2 x Rotating flat surface mounts
  • • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • • 2 x 32GB Micro SD Cards
  • • 1 x USB/HDMI/Aviation Comm Cable
  • • 1 x ConnectView Card
  • • 1 x Flightcase


  • • Simple, one button operation
  • • Records full HD video — 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps
  • • Custom headset interface records all audio, including intercom
  • • Takes up almost no space in the cockpit, and weighs just 4.3 oz.
  • • Rotating lens and laser alignment system — mount the camera at any angle - GPS model logs your exact location as it records — play back your video alongside speed, altitude and position on Google Earth maps
  • • Capturing your flight with video is simple, but without the audio its uses are limited. The end of the Nflightcam cable has a "Y" split. Simply plug the Nflightcam into your aircraft audio jack and plug your headset into the Nflightcam. Capture all of your instructors comments, or your passengers excitement as they leave the bounds of earth.
  • • You can easily capture everything you hear in your headset: ATC, instructor comments, aural warnings, etc. Add this to amazing HD video and the Nflightcam is one of the most valuable tools an aviator can own.
  • • Also thanks to the Nflightcam+ new technology those annoying streaks and lines that ruined your footage in the past are now history in most instances with the addition of the specialized aviator glass lens.
  • • From 1080p video quality, to adjustable white balance for dialling in the details of each location it's a great all in one system. The Nflightcam+ also expands normal perspective with an F 2.8, 170° super wide angle lens, integrating peripherals and backdrops that would get cropped with a narrower focus.
  • • NFlightcam's custom software (for PC or Mac) is the easy way to play back all your aviation videos. Watch your video with sound as simulated airspeed, altimeter and heading indicators show your GPS position. Plus, follow your track on the Google Earth moving map. You can even share your videos with the built-in YouTube uploader. It's perfect for flight instructors.