Why buy itWhen you can hire it?

For some people there will of course always be a need to buy equipment, and if you need advice on where to go, we've partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. But Equipment Hire can give you many more options where your usage is either a one off or infrequent. One of the most important things is that very often there may be a requirement to have a different set of equipment for each project or maybe it's a project where you require multiple cameras Equipment Hire can be more cost effective and also offer you the flexibility you need with different or multiple camera options.

For example a group of people going on an fun ski-ing holiday and all wanting to film their adventures on camera to share with their friends on YouTube, is easily achieved by sharing the cost of the Equipment Hire and all getting to use the equipment in turn.

Multiple cameras are required in many sittuations and the cost of hiring three or four cameras can in some situations be more cost effective than a single purchase, therfore giving you much greater flexibility.

And then where do you get that all important special mount or three, - needed for your shoot?

One Stop ShopWell now there's a place that you can get everything you need under one roof

Our Equipment Hire operation has the latest most popular cameras available today and we carry large stock levels to ensure we can offer great flexibility in both numbers and backup.

We decided to go one better and put together all the components you are likely to need and taylor make "Shooting kit" options, - they include a selection of mounts plenty of battery and even the recording media, all flight-cased up and ready to go enabling you to take away a complete turnkey set of equipment.

Having the right type of mount is really important in any video project and our shooting kits have been designed to give you a selection of mounts best suited to each area of use, however for that more unusual of requirements you can bet we will have something on the shelf that will do the trick.

Fun Holiday with friends for the web or Professional Video Shoot

Our equipment is suitable for and has been utilised in many family fun holidays and extreme sporting applications – aviation aerobatics, paragliding, microlights, gliding, skydiving, motor sports, BMX, rally-car, kite surfing, stunt driving, helicopters, etc etc -you name it, and we'll find you a camera that will do the job, remember – if your sport is extreme make sure you've got it covered.